Gotcha Mommy!


Today is my youngest child’s birthday.  He was born 3 minutes before midnight …12 years ago!!!  For tweleve years I have been his daily wake up call…I enter his room…kiss him on the cheek…whisper, “Good morning sunshine” in his ear and then tell him it is time to get up and start the day…it is a very warm and fuzzy feeling when your child wakes up with an …”I love you mommy” and hugs you and plants that juicy kiss on your cheek.  Well that is how it has happened everytime I have given Josh his wake up call…however…today…that is not how it panned out. 

When I entered Josh’s room…kissed him on the cheek…and whispered, “Good morning sunshine…Happy Birthday”  He sprung up in his bed…pushed me away and said, “Eeeeww…mom…DON’T do that anymore…I am 12 you know!”  I couldn’t believe my ears…I was in shock and I said, “wow…well good morning to you too!!??”

I started to walk away …but as I turned to go he yelled, “APRIL FOOLS!!!….Hahahaha…gotcha mommy!”

What a great way to bring a smile back to my face!!!…gotta love them 12 year olds!

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