April is for…Poetry Lovers

Since it is April…National Poetry Month…and since I am in the Poetry Challenge this week at Two Writing Teachers … I decided that for this resource Monday I would round up some of my favorite poetry resources….just a thought…Katie Wood Ray says…”to write a poem, you have to read 100 poems first”  I agree with her 100%.  Reading like a writer has been the number one thing that has helped me to become a better writer…so go for it…read a 100 poems and then write one for yourself!

Front Cover         Front Cover    

About 8 years ago I heard Georgia Heard Speak at a summer literacy institute for 3-5 teachers.  Her topic was Poetry and she walked us through her book called Awakening the Heart.  I love this book and use it every year when I teach my poetry unit in April.  She has another book that I love called, For the Good of the Earth and the Sun.  Both of these two books are enough to get you started writing poetry for yourself!


Here are two poetry anthologies that I use: 

Poems    Creatures of Earth, Sea and Sky …the poems are written by Georgia 

Poems of Comfort   This Place I Know: Poems of Comfort  Georgia compiled these poems of comfort into one anthology in order to comfort children in Manhattan In September 2001!  This is a very powerful teaching tool…It will show your students how poems can evoke feelings.  It is a great anthology to read each year in honor of 9-11

Check out these PDF handouts from Georgia Heard: http://www.noycefdn.org/literacy/documents/PoetryTools10-23-04.pdf     http://www.arliteracymodel.com/pdf/conference/050919/georgia.pdf

Georgia Heard has recently teamed up with Lester Laminack to write a wonderful resource for K-2 teachers to use for teaching children how to read and write poetry.  It is called: Climb Inside a Poem: Reading and Writing Poetry Across the Year.  Georgia and Lester have stated, “It is not only possible but vital to weave poetry into the daily fabric of a school day by reading a variety of poems for a variety of purposes throughout the year.  We believe that children will fall in love with all kinds of poetry, if they have a chance to read or hear a variety of poems.”

Climb Inside a Poem

The lessons in this collection are well-organized and can be taught as a unit of study or throughout the year.  I agree with Lester and Georgia…exposure to poetry…will allow children to envision themselves as writers of poetry.  I didn’t get this resource until January at the Reading Recovery Conference…to bad I didn’t have it to start off the school year with!!

Happy Poetry Month 🙂


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