So…I think I am back!!


Wow It has been a LONG while since I have made an entry.  The end of the spring semester was cRaZy for me…taking two grad classes in the spring…and in the first summer session (which is still during the school year) and coaching full time…was way too much to handle for me! 

Since the last time I posted an entry there have been a few changes in my life…

  • I finished up this school year as a literacy coach…but will start next school year as a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader!!!  I am soooooo excited about this new adventure!  I will still be coaching teachers…just in a different capacity.  The one thing that I know that I will miss is writing workshop :o(     I will still be able to help children with writing…but they will be 1:1 lessons with struggling readers
  • I worked with four second grade classes during the last month and a half of school…I introduced them to “writer’s notebooks”  You would have thought that I was giving them the best candy in the world!!!  Everyday they were on the edge of their seat to hear my nightly entry…and to see what our next lesson would be.  I have to admit.  I truely didn’t think that second graders would be able to be mature enough about using a notebook… the last time I introduced them to second graders they mostly drew pictures and made lists…  I waited until the end of the year…and treated it like a unit of study…and told them how surprised their third grade teachers are going to be when they share !!  Everytime I saw one of the students in the hall…they would say…I wrote in my notebook already today…or when are you coming to the room …or can I take my notebook to lunch with me…it was awesome to see/feel the joy for writing! (and to see four teachers…new to notebooks…buy into it as much as their students!)
  • I packed up ALL of my staff development stuff that I have developed over the past 5 years…some I had to leave behind for the coach that will be taking my place…some I took with me.  It was kind of a sad day
  • I sorted through all of my read alouds…books that I have purchased over the last 15 years.  I had the help of two first grade teachers and we sorted them by genre…topic…mini lessons…author studies…etc.  It took us over 6 hours!!!  Now I know where all my money has gone!!!  I left my books behind…with these two teachers…knowing that when I want them back I can get them at anytime…I didn’t want them to sit and collect dust in an attic …I wanted them to be loved and used for teaching reading and writing!!
  • I am taking my last class at ECU right now…second summer session… I am sooooo excited because I will finally be able to graduate and get my master in reading ed.   however, school is NOT over for me yet…next year I will travel to Willmington NC to attend class two days a week at UNC-W  I will take a total of 20 credit hours…for Reading Recover Teacher Leader Training!!! 
  • lastly…I now officially have a child who will be a high school freshman…keep me in your prayers :o)



We have a yorkie-poo that is almost 8 months old.  He has been a great joy to have around.  He is a very happy puppy and well disciplined…for a puppy anyway.  And…I must mention that he is very spoiled because he is the “baby” of the family!   This evening, as I sat at the computer working on a case study paper for a grad class… he kept coming over and bumping his head (on purpose) on the door of the amour that the computer is in.  I didn’t know what he was doing but honestly it was beginning to get on my nerves.  After about the fifth time that he did it I took him to the door and asked if he wanted to go outside…no that isn’t what he wanted.  After the sixth time…I got up to get him some water and a little treat…no that isn’t what he wanted.  After the seventh time…I asked him to talk to me and tell me what he wanted.  My 12 year old said, “Don’t you know he just wants you to play with him!?”  So, I asked Einstein, “Do you want to play?  Go get purple…(which is what we call one of his toys).  He dashed off to his toy box and got purple…and brought him to me.  Josh was right…Einstein wanted me to pay attention to him and not the computer!  Josh said, “See I told you…his name is Einstein you know…that means he is smart enough to get you to stop working!”   I just had to smile…and get off the computer for a while!! 🙂

Just Late…



I went to bed late…online, trying to catch up on course work and watching the final 2!!! (great game BTW)

I woke up late…trying to catch an extra wink of sleep!

I got to work 10 minutes late…trying NOT to speed so I wouldn’t get a ticket

I picked up my first Reading Recovery 1:1 student late…and his classroom teacher wasn’t happy with me????

I got to my host teachers classroom late…students waiting for a writing lesson asking…where is she?

I got to Reading Recovery training class after school late…because I had to gather materials for going behind the glass

Stayed after class late…to reflect with colleagues


When I got home…

My husband said… “Why are you so late?”

The story of my day… Just Late!

Maybe tomorrow…

my internal clock will be ticking on time!


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Life is Good…but it can be a bit stressful!

This school year has been very stressful… I have gained 18 unattractive pounds since last May.  I went shopping yesterday and nothing fit…so…diet is back on…I bought turbo jam today too…maybe the weight will come back off! (I haven’t worked out since last May because of taking two grad classes each semester and working full time…if I can’t get to the gym…maybe bringing it to the house will work!!??)  Normally I am a happy go lucky person but lately I have been in an “ill” mood that seems to be never-ending! Here is just a sample of what may be causing all my stress…


·        I am not only working as a literacy coach…coaching 24 teachers and 16 teacher assistants…but…I am also in Reading Recovery training…which means I also have to fit two 1:1 students into my daily schedule and go to Reading Recovery Training one night a week.  I am also taking an online class for grad school… so…all that in tow adds up to VeRy stressful days!

·        My house seems to be the part of my life that I have most neglected!  Clothes are piled up in the corners of  my bedroom…professional books and grad school textbooks are piled up in the dining room and living room and my children’s rooms never seem clean enough!  I thought I would clean it up over spring break…well that week is gone…I had too many projects do for grad school…and spending time with my boys was much more important then cleaning! {Thank God for blessing me with an understanding husband…who by the way does clean the bathrooms and floors regularly! 🙂 } 

·        My fourteen year old has a girlfriend that he thinks he has to talk to at all hours of the day…telephone…AIM…MySpace…I do not enjoy being a “time limit” police but sometimes you just have to!

·        The bookroom at school…which is also my office…is a mess.  Not all of it is my mess.  I try to be a fairly organized person…but when teachers don’t know where to put things…read alouds, professional books, leveled text for guided reading…they place it on my desk or at my computer and they think… “Oh…the literacy coach knows where it goes…she’ll put it away!” AAAAHHHH…that drives me cRaAZy!

·        I have not been able to get consistency with the host rooms that I am working with.  I believe the problem is that the county I work in is trying to meet the needs of more teachers so instead of having one or two host classrooms this year to do my model instruction in…I have been in six different rooms.  It is very hard to keep things going when you do not do the whole reading and writing framework…bits and pieces do not add up to consistency!    

I just need to remember…that yes…Life is Good!! (Oh…and incase you missed it…see my blog called “stressed”)

The Missing Notebooks

I have entered a new challenge…like I needed another one … it is the slice of life challenge that was started by the Two Writing Teachers.  I am very thankful to them for getting me back in the mode of using my writer’s notebook!  I got hooked into notebooking…and writing poetry in the summer of 2000…when I went to a literacy conference in Boston.  It was there that I met Ralph Fletcher and Georgia Heard…and I truely became a writer.

I actually have 4 completely full notebooks and 2 that are semi-full, however I haven’t written in my notebooks since I started grad school in the summer of o6’…I have started writing in my reflection journals more…but that is all about course work and case studies…not the same thing by a long shot!

When I got to school today I searched my office for my “missing” notebooks…It took me a little while to find them in my organized chaos…however…I did find them and was very excited to do so…it was like Christmas morning…full of surprises. 🙂

I read through several entries to get me back in the mood of notebooking.  I even wrote 3 entries throughout the day today!!  A BIG thanks to the Two Writing Teachers for getting me re-aquainted with my “slices of life”

check out their challenge at:

give it a go…enter the challenge for yourself!

Gotcha Mommy!


Today is my youngest child’s birthday.  He was born 3 minutes before midnight …12 years ago!!!  For tweleve years I have been his daily wake up call…I enter his room…kiss him on the cheek…whisper, “Good morning sunshine” in his ear and then tell him it is time to get up and start the day…it is a very warm and fuzzy feeling when your child wakes up with an …”I love you mommy” and hugs you and plants that juicy kiss on your cheek.  Well that is how it has happened everytime I have given Josh his wake up call…however…today…that is not how it panned out. 

When I entered Josh’s room…kissed him on the cheek…and whispered, “Good morning sunshine…Happy Birthday”  He sprung up in his bed…pushed me away and said, “Eeeeww…mom…DON’T do that anymore…I am 12 you know!”  I couldn’t believe my ears…I was in shock and I said, “wow…well good morning to you too!!??”

I started to walk away …but as I turned to go he yelled, “APRIL FOOLS!!!….Hahahaha…gotcha mommy!”

What a great way to bring a smile back to my face!!!…gotta love them 12 year olds!

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