Favorite Quotes

Quotes…I live by them…teaching quotes…love and freindship quotes…biblical quotes…

Come back often to see which new ones I have added!


“I knew that the staff was knowledgeable and didn’t want or need an outsider telling them the “right way” to teach reading and writing.   What they needed was support to meet the ever-changing demands of state and national mandates.”   ~Allen, J. (2006). Becoming a Literacy Leader.



“Accomplished teachers build emotionally and relationally healthy learning communities–intellectional environments that produce not mere technical competence, but caring, secure, actively literate human beings.” ~ Peter H. Johnston (Choice Words)


“Marinate the writers by reading, reading, reading, good literature” ~ Ralph Fletcher


“Our classroom must be places where children’s words mater.” ~ Lucy Calkins

“Principals need to be learners along with their teachers.” ~ Lucy Calkins

“Battles for literacy and just for all are still being fought!”  ~ Lucy Calkins (about NCLB)


“A writer’s notebook is a place where you can try something new…a place where you can stand in front of the mirror–and no one will laugh!” ~ Ralph Fletcher

“The job of the writer is to listen to the gossip of the world, write it down and pass it on.” ~ Ralph Fletcher


“A notebook is a fertilizer for my writing not just a record of daily events.” ~ Georgia Heard

“Paiters have brushes, paints, a palette, an easel…writer’s have notebooks.  A notebook is an ear, always tuned in, always ready to hear more.” ~ Georgia Heard

“A notebook is a gathering place, a portfolio of thoughts that lead me to bigger projects.” ~Georgia Heard


“The one who plants and the one who waters work as a team with the same purpose” 1 Corinthians 3:5-7


half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about!  ~ from a fortune cookie :o)



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