Day #8…Final Day of the Poetry Challenge

A One Week Poetry Challenge

The children that I am working with “have” to learn how to write acrostic poems (so they can have one in their portfolio).  So I decided to write a few myself to show them how to do it!  Since I have two boys…I wrote a poem about both of them…here goes:



On the court

Shooting the ball into the


Up goes

Another—3 pointer!


Joshua LOVES to play basketball, watch basketball, read about basketball…he even slept with his new basketball on his birthday!   Brandon on the other hand…has too many “loves”. He plays the electric guitar and writes music and poetry.  He is an artist and sketches all the time.  But…what he really likes is his skateboard and video games!


Born eleven weeks early

Rides a skateboard

Always drawing, sketching or writing in his


Drums at his own beat

Often strumming on his guitar and

Never tires of video games