Day # 7…Poetry Challenge

A One Week Poetry Challenge

Here is my “nature” walk poem from yesterday.  We all pretty much wrote poems that mentioned the “Earth” because my friends are talking about Earth Day with their classroom teacher.  Happy Poetry Friday 🙂

The Sun by Marie



ball of fire


down on Earth

warming us

with her

outreaching arms

of light.


The Nature Walk

YEAH! …we got to go on the nature walk…or should I say nature writing walk?  My friends were so excited.  Our mini-lesson was about poets observing the world around them…they take notes, or sketch what they see and then they write poems about the “seeds” they found.  I have done this a lot with my personal children and with a fourth grade class but I wasn’t sure how it would go with first graders.  They had a blast.  My friends took it so seriously…they were poets…and proved it!  They had boundries of where they could go and the rule was find a writing spot…sit/lay on your towel and begin observing and writing.  We were outside for thirty minutes.  I didn’t confer with anyone because I wrote too…but they didn’t seem to mind.  They were so actively engaged.  When we returned to the classroom we got in our share circle and everyone turned knee to knee with a partner and shared.  (I knew if I only let a few share today that I would break some little hearts!)  Once we turned back into the circle we talked about what we did as poets today and added to our “What Poets Do”  anchor chart.  Here is a poem by one of my first grade friends:

The Grass by A


A green prickly blanket covers

the Earth

keeping all the bugs and snakes warm

I promised them that writing workshop would be outside again today…I will share some more “nature” poems this weekend 🙂

Day #6…Poetry Challenge

A One Week Poetry Challenge

Today our focus in writing will be that poets observe the world around them.  They write poems about things in nature.  I wrote this poem yesterday morning in my notebook.  I am going to use it as part of my mini-lesson today.  Hopefully it will be warm up enough for my first grade poets to take a nature walk…with notebooks…and write! (I brought beach towels for sitting so this should be interesting!!!)


Early Spring Morning  by Marie



glistens through

the windows


good morning




throughout the house.


Day #1…Poetry Challenge

A One Week Poetry Challenge

This morning my two boys and I went on a nature walk on the path in the woods by our house.  We took our writer’s notebooks…yes my boys also have writer’s notebooks…and we were sketching and writing as we walked.  I sat for about 20 minutes sketching a wonderfully beautiful…majestically tall tree.  I believe it was an oak tree.  As I sketched, I wondered how long it had stood in that same place and what the area around it had looked like…sounded like…felt like through the years.  Before I got up…I jotted down this first draft of a poem:


The Old Oak Tree by Marie Lee


Standing as tall as a giant

Shading the ground with it’s

Branches reaching out to

Kiss the sky

And me,


How old are you beautiful tree?


What wonders you must have seen.