Poetry Friday # 3

So I have been trying to write a poem all week about my puppy named Einstein.   So far the poem hasn’t come to my brain…however as I was planning for poetry workshop (which we do every Friday in place of Reading and Writing workshop) I came across an anthology by Kristine O’ Connell George called Little Dog and Duncan …all of the poems are about dogs so I thought…like Katie says…read 100 before you write one…well I won’t go to that extreme…however, I will read a few to my first graders tomorrow and I am posting my favorite one below.  Hope you enjoy…and if you don’t know Kristine …visit her website by clicking here! She is a wonderful poet to study with primary students 🙂


By Kristine O’Connell George


Little Dog and Duncan

   touch noses,










I chose this poem because my puppy would be the little dog…he will go up to the fence that holds in my neighbors dog…who is plenty big…and touch noses and wag his tail!  They love each other and it is sooooo cute!  The funny thing is that our neighbors also have a puppy that is smaller then Einstein (my puppy) and Einstein totally ignores him and goes straight to his friend!!!

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