Taking a break…

I am taking a break for a while from making posts…so this week…and probably next week or two…there will not be a resource Monday or Listy Sunday post.  I am working on final papers and exams for my two grad classes…so my free…writing time will have to be devoted to that.  I am still hoping to post a slice of life entry on Tuesdays and to post a poem on Poetry Fridays…but I am not sure if it will happen this week!

Have a fab-u-lous week!


Life is Good…but it can be a bit stressful!

This school year has been very stressful… I have gained 18 unattractive pounds since last May.  I went shopping yesterday and nothing fit…so…diet is back on…I bought turbo jam today too…maybe the weight will come back off! (I haven’t worked out since last May because of taking two grad classes each semester and working full time…if I can’t get to the gym…maybe bringing it to the house will work!!??)  Normally I am a happy go lucky person but lately I have been in an “ill” mood that seems to be never-ending! Here is just a sample of what may be causing all my stress…


·        I am not only working as a literacy coach…coaching 24 teachers and 16 teacher assistants…but…I am also in Reading Recovery training…which means I also have to fit two 1:1 students into my daily schedule and go to Reading Recovery Training one night a week.  I am also taking an online class for grad school… so…all that in tow adds up to VeRy stressful days!

·        My house seems to be the part of my life that I have most neglected!  Clothes are piled up in the corners of  my bedroom…professional books and grad school textbooks are piled up in the dining room and living room and my children’s rooms never seem clean enough!  I thought I would clean it up over spring break…well that week is gone…I had too many projects do for grad school…and spending time with my boys was much more important then cleaning! {Thank God for blessing me with an understanding husband…who by the way does clean the bathrooms and floors regularly! 🙂 } 

·        My fourteen year old has a girlfriend that he thinks he has to talk to at all hours of the day…telephone…AIM…MySpace…I do not enjoy being a “time limit” police but sometimes you just have to!

·        The bookroom at school…which is also my office…is a mess.  Not all of it is my mess.  I try to be a fairly organized person…but when teachers don’t know where to put things…read alouds, professional books, leveled text for guided reading…they place it on my desk or at my computer and they think… “Oh…the literacy coach knows where it goes…she’ll put it away!” AAAAHHHH…that drives me cRaAZy!

·        I have not been able to get consistency with the host rooms that I am working with.  I believe the problem is that the county I work in is trying to meet the needs of more teachers so instead of having one or two host classrooms this year to do my model instruction in…I have been in six different rooms.  It is very hard to keep things going when you do not do the whole reading and writing framework…bits and pieces do not add up to consistency!    

I just need to remember…that yes…Life is Good!! (Oh…and incase you missed it…see my blog called “stressed”)


Did you know that “stressed” is the word “desserts” spelled backward?  Hmmm…Wouldn’t it be nice if all those desserts would keep you stress free??!!  Better yet…a dessert that contains no fat and relieves all stress…now that would really be great!